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Foreign Suppliers Membership

Foreign Suppliers AFI membership is open to non-U.S. producers,  suppliers and exporters. An AFI Membership ensures you and your company receive information, representation, arbitration, answers and value! Count on AFI to provide industry standards and recognition, and to offer numerous networking opportunities each year.

AFI Membership Includes a U.S. FDA Agent!

Every foreign food facility needs a U.S. FDA agent -- which can cost thousands of dollars! Click here to learn more about AFI's registration program and the services it provides overseas members to satisfy the requirements of new food safety laws. 

Why pay for an agent when, as an AFI member, you can get one for free? 



Foreign Suppliers Membership 

If you're a foreign supplier exporting food to the U.S., click to apply online.

Foreign Suppliers Application

Print & Mail

Download an application to print out, complete by hand, and fax or mail. (Apply online for fastest service.)

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